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Review what others have to say about Rebecca Quarles' work.

"I want to thank you and QSA (Becky Quarles former firm) for the quality of thought and implementation for Great Financial Bank. The research provided us with the ability to determine the attributes that truly influence decisions. I documented that it (the research) saved us hundreds of thousands on accurate implementation of advertising design and product development image and identity development. It also helped us to reposition a new identity for the bank and a new image for the name change. The bank also changed its charter at the same time and converted to stock with an initial offering price of $10 per share. Two and half years later the bank sold for $42 a share! The only major changes that took place during this time were marketing initiatives related to the new image, identity, product development and advertising. Every decision we made over the 2.5-year period was directed out of the research QSA developed and implemented." – Former President, Great Financial Bank (now part of PNC)



"Becky Quarles is an extremely insightful and creative market researcher/consultant who knows and understands media and communication processes extremely well. She has a thorough understanding of state-of-the-art techniques and knows when and how to use them to provide truly actionable results and recommendations." – President, Public Affairs Consulting Firm



"I have especially appreciated your intellectual curiosity that seems to go along with going the extra mile to find out what is happening in the data." – Former Director of Knowledge Management, AARP



"We at Siemens Ultrasound would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our Key Buying Attribute Conjoint Analysis. Your probing questions during your visit at the beginning of the project helped us to more clearly define the real questions. The results of the survey would have been meaningless without your in-depth analysis. Unlike most market research companies, you provided not only the raw numbers, but also explained what impact those numbers might have on future Marketing and Product Development activities, which will help us build our future generation of products and market ourselves effectively." – Marketing Manager, Siemens Ultrasound



"I’ve had ample opportunity to compare the studies conducted by QSA (Becky Quarles former firm) with similar studies conducted by much larger – and better-known – research companies. In every case, I’ve found the research projects undertaken by QSA were more thoughtful, more thorough, and better tailored to our needs, than studies performed by other research firms. More importantly, QSA’s research projects invariably provided timely information that greatly contributed both to successful strategic and tactical decisions." – Communications Director, Siemens Medical Systems



"Becky Quarles gets the job done in superlative fashion. And they know how to communicate with the research customer, so that their recommendations don't just sit on a shelf. If you want research that results in practical strategies, you'll like Q-Catalytics." – President, Public Affairs Firm



"Dr. Quarles is a brilliant researcher who partners with her clients. Her firm's excellent research is insightful, actionable and a terrific value for the money." – Former Research Director, The Washington Post



"Becky is brilliant. She is one of the few practitioners I know who exudes insight and understanding in a very down-to-earth everyday manner. In five minutes, Becky can bring any issue into clear focus and provide her client with a direct path to a solution." – President, Behavioral Research Lab



"Becky provides amazing innovative research. They deliver more than they promise and "dive deep" into the numbers to find insights that other research companies might miss." – President, Public Affairs Firm

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