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The Case Studies represent a few examples of studies conducted by Becky Quarles, with in her role as Founder and CEO of Q-Catalytics or as CEO of QSA.


Stanford Faculty Housing Case Study

Becky Quarles worked with Product Rehab to conduct a major study of housing needs and preferences of Stanford’s faculty and made specific recommendations about the types of housing, including the location and community amenities, that Stanford should build. Some of the recommended housing has now been built. 


California Affordable Care Act Case Study

Covered California is the state exchange responsible for administering and marketing the Affordable Care Act in California. Becky Quarles provided design and analytic services, as well as marketing consultation to NORC at the University of Chicago, which was responsible for conducting marketing research for the launch and subsequent years for Covered California. 


Siemens Ultrasound Case Study

Siemens Ultrasound markets to hospitals, clinics and larger practices in a variety of medical areas. Siemens wished to increase its market share for ultrasound systems in North and South America, Europe. It had a particular problem in the United States, where it was a newcomer in a crowded field of competitors. Despite the technological superiority of its product, sales staff complained that they often “won the demonstration but lost the sale” to more familiar brands in the U.S. 


Washington Leadership Readership Case Study

By the mid-1970s, those who work in and study the mass media knew that newspaper readership was on the decline among young adults. By the 1990s, this downward slide had accelerated and was seriously affecting advertising sales, even among advertisers who sought to reach Washington’s leadership in the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. Washington Post management, however, believed that this was a misperception and that The Post and other newspapers were still widely read by this elite audience. Thus, they decided to sponsor an independent study by a respected researcher. Over the years, this study, the Washington Leadership Study, became a standard resource for understanding all types of media use among the Washington leadership.


ACC Case Study

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) had always bundled all ACC services into a single member dues payment. However, increasing costs forced them to consider two alternatives: increasing the membership dues payment or generating non-dues income by unbundling some services. They also wanted to identify the ACC services that were the best candidates for unbundling.


Gilead Pharmaceuticals Case Study

The purpose of this study was to develop a marketing strategy to convince treatment naïve HIV patients to begin treatment, thus not only increasing their chances of living a longer and healthier live but also helping to slow the spread of HIV infections. 


AARP Case Study

AARP has long been interested in reaching out to Hispanics. However, Hispanics and Hispanic markets are very diverse. For example, as a group, Hispanics in Miami, who tend to be fairly recent immigrants from Cuba and other Caribbean countries, have little in common with Hispanics in San Antonio, whose ancestors may have come to the U.S. from Mexico before Texas was a state. The challenge then was to develop a way to segment the entire Hispanic market in the U.S. in a way that could be applied across markets.

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