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Gilead Pharmaceuticals Case Study

The Situation

The purpose of this study was to develop a marketing strategy to convince treatment naïve HIV patients to begin treatment, thus not only increasing their chances of living a longer and healthier live but also helping to slow the spread of HIV infections. 


The Process

Becky Quarles started by analyzing data from a large number of focus groups conducted by our partner, The Henne Group, and, then, designing a questionnaire. The Henne Group then conducted a survey among treatment naïve HIV patients. 



Becky Quarles analyzed data and prepared a report with explicit recommendations (derived from predictive modeling) on targeting and messaging strategies to reach different subgroups of treatment naïve HIV-infected individuals. These strategies were then tested in another study that used an online survey to test several possible advertisements (targeted to demographic groups) using Maximum Difference Analysis. The study results provided clear guidance to Gilead on how to convince treatment naïve HIV patients to start treatment.


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