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Q-Catalytics offers full service survey research, but it also works collaboratively with client research staff or research firms who are the prime contractors on larger projects. 


Full-Service Research. Whether your objectives call for a major multistage research project or a small project consisting of an online survey or a few focus groups, Q-Catalytics can help you design the most effective research project and carry it out seamlessly. You can trust Q-Catalytics to make sure that every step of the research process is carried out with the highest possible quality standards. For example, one client said that while she needed to monitor other research firms “like a hawk,” she literally “went on auto pilot” when Becky Quarles was at the helm of a large research project.


Collaborative Projects. Becky Quarles handles collaborative projects personally, although – when needed – she will pull in a subject matter expert. The services she offers include:


  • Research proposals

  • Work plans

  • Documents for OMB or IRB approval for government projects

  • Literature reviews

  • Secondary analysis of existing data from client or government or other publicly available sources

  • Questionnaire development or review/revision of questionnaires

  • Sampling and data collection plans

  • Data collection management

  • Data analysis, including advanced analysis

  • Reporting/presentations

  • Training/mentoring internal staff

  • Recommendations or marketing plans

  • Workshops on putting research results into action

  • Articles, blog posts, press releases based on research results



Q-Catalytics offers a full range of advanced analytics, including big data, survey analysis, and cross mapping of survey research to customer information files and big data streams.


 Much of our work is focused on three types of especially powerful analysis:


Conjoint Analysis/Choice Modeling for and pricing product/service design and brand equity

Cluster Analysis for segmentation

Predictive Modeling (Communications Architecture   ) to develop messaging and set priorities



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