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Association of Corporate Counsel Case Study

The Situation

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) had always bundled all ACC services into a single member dues payment. However, increasing costs forced them to consider two alternatives: increasing the membership dues payment or generating non-dues income by unbundling some services. They also wanted to identify the ACC services that were the best candidates for unbundling.


The Process

Becky Quarles administered a member survey online and used conjoint analysis to identify the ideal package (membership dues, services bundled with the dues, and unbundled services available at extra cost). Respondents also carried out a shopping cart exercise (using software that emulated a retail website) to determine which services they would pay for if they were not included in their membership dues. 



The combined results revealed the membership package that would generate the highest levels of revenue for ACC and the lowest risk of alienating and/or losing members. Becky Quarles presented the results of this study to the board of ACC at their annual meeting. Her recommendations were unanimously adopted by the board.



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