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When we say “full service,” we mean that we take responsibility for all aspects of a research project from beginning to end. The research project might just be a few focus groups, a single survey, or a multi-phase study that includes such elements as social media monitoring, depth interviews or focus groups, a controlled experiment, and a survey or series of survey. Q-Catalytics would be responsible for working with internal staff to develop the research design and protocols, such as sampling and data collection plans and any interview guides or questionnaires. Mid-course deliverables would consist of the data collection and the resulting data, while the final deliverable would be the final report and, if desired, an oral presentation. Very often, however, there is another stage: developing specific recommendations for action and/or marketing communication. 


Although full service research means that the contractor takes responsibility, the Q-Catalytics approach is highly collaborative. We work closely with clients at every stage of the process to make sure the research is meeting client information needs and will provide truly actionable results.

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